General Medical Queries


How do I start?
The simplest and fastest way is to submit enquiry. A patient relationship manager is assigned to you who will prepare your case, share with multiple doctors and hospitals and get back to you with a treatment plan, cost of treatment and other useful information. 
How much do I save?
Savings can be from 30-90%, depending upon the procedure and the destination.
Any estimate on the cost?
Once you have provided your present condition including medical history and reports, the information will be reviewed and examined by the specialists of affiliated hospitals, accordingly will get back to you with total estimate of your treatment.
Why does it cost so little?
The difference in cost is caused by labor and insurance costs, and not by a lack of quality. India also enjoys a favorable currency exchange rate with the US Dollars which also helps to lower costs.
Do the doctors & medical staff speak English?
All of our partner hospitals have fluent English speaking staff. We have interpreters to serve patients speaking French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish.
I have a "special requirement"
Following consultation with us, we will accommodate all special requirements where feasible. Please do tell us of such requirements so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you.
If I deal directly with the hospital will my medical expenses cost less?
The price that you get from us is directly from the hospital, is discounted and is lowest. We charge a fees from the hospital for marketing their services and serving their patients round the year. 
What procedures are available?
India has world class doctors and facilities from simplest to complex procdures. Common procedures that we handle are Cancer, Knee and Hip Replacements, Bone, Spine, Heart, Eye, Fertility, Kidney and General Health Checkups